Deni... Started a Business to Help Others

  • 2015-11-13
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Deni... Membuka Usaha Untuk Menolong Orang Lain

The words, too late, do not exist when it concerns Education.

Deni Sarifudin proved it. Armed with his SMP (secondary school) diploma Deni struggled in Jakarta's difficult work environment. He worked as a motorcycle taxi driver to provide for himself, wife and child. Deep down in his heart, he kept a dream of wanting to change his fortune. With a SMP Diploma, how is that possible?

"It's possible if you have the will ," said Deni. Until finally his wife received information about the PKBM program, Paket C OBI in Tanah Merah. Deni immediately registered himself to follow classes until he passed the National Exams. The PKBM Paket C diploma became the beginning of a change in Deni's life. He obtained a better job with a certain company, by becoming a marketing person. "I am grateful for a better job with my Paket C diploma. In the afternoon, home from work, I taxi around until evening. It did not take too long after loosing my job and had to be unemployed."

There is always a way out from each problem. Loosing his job did not make Deni desperate. With support from his wife and child, he fostered hopes that he can pass by this difficult time of his life. OBI Education contacted Deni to follow a training program in a Honda AHASS service workshop, as a realization of socialo care from Pundi Amal SCTV. "When I was contacted by OBI, I immediately took the opportunity to follow the program. I did not waste time thinking about it, what was important was that I can learn and have new knowledge. From the month of March until July I followed the training but had no job, there was no income at all. But my wife supported my following the training and I had to follow it until the end. Who would have thought that I became the best student in that program, and was rewarded with equipments which I needed to open this motorcycle washing business.”

Now a business of washing motorcyles, owned by Deni, stands by the Tipar, Cakung roadway, Jakarta. A business which he has dreamt about for several years has been realized, because of his belief and hard work. "Saturdays and Sundays, I invite the kids from PKBM OBI, those who want to work here and get reasonable income. I invite them to work and to give them the spirit that we can go forward if they have a will. With the opportunity given by OBI to work in a service workshop I now have a skill. I have to use this skill to the maximum. I do not want to work with others. I must have a business so that I can help others. I hope that this motorcycle washing business can develop to a big service workshop, where people like me can work and that this business can be a blessing for many."

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