Ani : From the Kitchen to the Office

  • 2014-06-04
  • Author : Yuliana Martha Tresia N
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Ani, Dari Dapur Menuju Kantor

Changing the lives of the participants, coming from less prosperous communities to become happy and prosperous, through work at a better level, is one of the goal of OBI Education.

One way to do it is by conducting computer courses, done since 2 years ago in cooperation with CIMB Niaga Bank. Last May, OBI together with CIMB Niaga Bank, again graduated 15 computer course participants in the Tanah Merah area. Ani Sumasni was one of them, a participant who experienced a next level way of life and work after participating in the OBI computer course in Tanah Merah.

Ani Sumasni is a young mother with one child. To suffice the daily family needs the husband works as a driver of a public transport vehicle. Ani herself also helps to pay for the family needs by working as a housemaid.

In December 2013, Ani started to follow a computer course conducted by OBI in the Tanah Merah area, in coperation with CIMB Niaga Bank. In the computer course, Ani learns basic Microsoft Office (Word, Excel and Power Point) as well as basic graphic designing. Ani feels glad being able to attend the OBI computer course. She feels having progressed from knowing nothing about computers to the Ani who knows computers.

Who would have thought, that after learning and being trained in computer usage at the course of OBI-CIMB Niaga, that Ani would get a job promotion from her boss. If previously Ani was entrusted with the running of the kitchen at the bosses’ house, now Ani is being entrusted to do the accounting of one of the factory owned by her boss which has just been erected in the Alam Sutera area. Ani has already been working for a while for her present boss, she has already worked about four years.

Ani feels very grateful. Whereas in the beginning she folowed the computer course at OBI just because she wanted to know and try to know more. Even in the beginning Ani had no specific hopes to achieve by following the computer course. That is why the promotion by her boss was really something like a ‘bonus’ unthought of, as result of hard work to finish learning about computers at the course conducted by OBI in Tanah Merah, about four month ago. Now Ani is ready to move from the kitchen to the office.

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